We seek to provide our customers with the highest quality of service, experience and professionalism.

Simon Hastilow
Global Head of Commercial Group

We are committed to developing innovative solutions to suit the needs of our evolving customer base.

Andreas Naumann
Global Head of Relationship Management

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Moody’s Ratings Commercial Group manages commercial relationships with issuers and other market participants seeking ratings services. As part of Moody’s Ratings policies and procedures to safeguard the independence, integrity and quality of our ratings process, commercial and analytical responsibilities within Moody’s Ratings are segregated. All commercial activities are handled by the relationship management team, which is dedicated to aligning the services that Moody’s Ratings delivers with the needs of the market, while providing effective and efficient customer service.
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A Relationship Manager can provide more information on the benefits of our products and services, and more.
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Customer Commitment
Moody’s Ratings Customer Commitment describes what you, the customer, should expect from us in our day-to-day relationship. While practices may differ slightly between our lines of business the overall expectation and experience is the same. These are standards to which we hold ourselves. We value you as a customer and seek to provide you with the highest quality of analysis, expertise, professionalism and service.