A general insight into the the operational quality of servicers’ loan servicing practices, relative to other servicers performing the same servicing role within a given country


Servicer Quality Assessment

Helps servicers better position themselves with structured finance issuers / originators in their local markets
Provides a tool for comparison to measure against peers and highlighting operational performance
Helps market participants make informed decisions on the operational and financial stability of servicers
Helps market participants compare servicers' quality within different jurisdictions
Analysis is conducted by Structured Finance analysts who have expertise in the sector
The Server Quality Assessment is a report made available publicly via
The assessment uses a specialized rating scale ranging from SQ1 (Strong) to SQ5 (Weak)
SQAs are monitored continuously including being reviewed approximately every 12 months, or more frequently in the event of material changes
Typical uses

Can be requested by Residential Mortgage servicers to better position their services to structured finance issuers / obligors

Servicer Quality Assessment

Note: The Servicer Quality Assessment for Residential Mortgage Servicers is only available in the following jurisdictions: US, Mexico, Argentina, Brazil and Australia