An opinion of the maturity-adjusted credit quality of investments within mutual funds and similar investment vehicles that principally invest in fixed income obligations


Bond Fund Rating

A helpful tool to inform investors about the credit quality of the fund’s portfolio
Provides investors with the assurance of independent analysis, enhances asset gathering, differentiates a rated fund from a non-rated fund and meet investor rating requirements
The rating is an independent, monitored, third party opinion that provides transparency to management companies. A ratings scale which differentiates fund ratings from credit ratings through the use of a distinct set of rating symbols (e.g, Aa-bf)
A comprehensive analysis associated with investing in a fund or a similar pooled investment vehicle
An independent fund review of the credit quality of the fund's assets. This is done by using the portfolio's weighted average life (WAL) as the key duration comparison for measuring the portfolio's expected credit loss profile and considers other factors such as fund manager quality or sponsor
Continuously monitored portfolios and a clearly defined scope primarily addressing the credit quality of the fund's underlying assets
Rating primarily reflects Moody's Ratings assessment of the creditworthiness of the assets held by the fund. Other risks, such as liquidity, operational, interest rate, currency and any other market risk, are excluded from the rating
Typical uses

Fund sponsors and investors

Bond Fund Rating