An unmonitored, point-in-time assessment of potential credit rating, or potential impact on current credit rating, from customer-provided hypothetical scenarios and provided to rated or unrated organizations, or customers interested in feedback on a future structured finance transaction.


Rating Assessment Service

Helps organizations understand how a RAS committee assesses the hypothetical scenarios’ provided, the potential credit effects and rating implications
Provides rating level feedback, which the organization may determine to use in the formulation of internal capital plans, potential M&A, and/or funding strategies
Available to organizations with or without ratings from Moody's Ratings
Point-in-time assessment with a confidential outcome
RAS is delivered to an issuer via verbal and written feedback (confidential letter)
Standard RAS evaluates up to six scenarios over a maximum of two RAS committees. Note: Moody's Ratings will not construct or assist in constructing scenarios
The RAS outcome for unrated organizations (RAS Unrated) may be shared with third parties through a confidential dataroom (Intralinks), subject to jurisdictional limitations
Typical uses

Mergers & Acquisitions



Share buybacks

Significant leveraging events

Potential strategic opportunities / Joint ventures

Dividends to sponsor / owner

Project finance asset sales / Purchases

Rating Assessment Service
Analytical Coverage
For rated organizations, typically the lead analyst will conduct the RAS analysis
For unrated organizations, a lead analyst will be determined based on sector experience and analytical availability
RAS outcomes are determined by a RAS committee

Note: Rating Assessments are not equivalent to and do not represent traditional credit rating products nor any guarantee or indication that a credit rating or rating level may be obtained in the future.