A secure cloud-based platform connecting rated  issuers with the ratings and research information they need whenever they want

Ratings. Research. Peers. Investor Interest... and more
A single point of access for ratings, research, selected peers information within your sector, and an insight into investor interest
Easy access for issuers
Tap directly into curated and customized experience
View on desktop, mobile or tablet
24/7 access
Real-time updates
Customize your preferences and set alerts to stay updated on your organization, peers and sector
Download organization / selected peer information
Seamless access for ratings, research, selected peers
Connect rated issuers with the necessary ratings and research information at your convenience

Easily check credit strengths and challenges

  • Analyze which factors could lead to an upgrade or downgrade

Quick snapshot view of your upcoming maturities

  • Debt maturity chart allows you to monitor detailed information about your debt instruments in order to gain a more complete view of your credit profile

A new design to elevate the content you need

  • Access to relevant research published on your organization, your peers and your sector

Explore the key themes that are shaping global credit markets

  • Stay updated with our latest publications that are relevant to debt capital markets and your sector

Understand investors’ interest in your organization

  • Personalized tool that enables you to gain an insight into how often your ratings and research are viewed on

Find out how your ratings and research are being viewed on

  • Slice the data by region and viewer type

Compare yourself within your own sector

  • Obtain a snapshot view of the sector trends on
IssuerFocus is only available to select publicly rated corporate issuers. Peers page functionality may be disabled for select issuers.

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