A monitored credit rating of a loan which is distributed on a private basis via an electronic platform to lenders


Private Monitored Loan Rating

Provide lenders with transparency on the borrower's capital structure through a credit analysis on the company and loan instruments they are participating in
Input into the public ratings of collateralized loan obligations holding the relevant loans
Allows comparison with other publicly rated credits
Rating and research disclosed via a confidential dataroom to existing and prospective lenders with a click through NDA
Moody's Ratings actively manages the list of lenders within the dataroom
Ownership is transferred to the issuer via assignment of the exchange agreement and Intralinks terms and conditions
Rating outcome available for syndication launch
Typical uses

An organization wishing to access the syndicated loan market for its financing needs, but is sensitive to the public dissemination of its ratings

Private Monitored Loan Rating

Note: Private credit ratings are credit ratings produced pursuant to an individual order and provided exclusively to the person who placed the order, are not intended for public disclosure or distribution by subscription and are subject to a duty of confidentiality and limitations on distribution. Private credit ratings may not be used for regulatory purposes in certain jurisdictions, including in the European Union.